Meet Our Instructors

The colored letters, the illustrations, and the plays will show you all the art clearly enough for you to understand it.
— Fiore Dei Liberi

Brian Miller - Reading, PA

    Brian has been teaching Italian longsword fencing since 2015 and is our instructor in Reading, PA. He is a longsword specialist, contrarily his current favorite weapon during sparring is the spear. Brian structures fencing classes for students of all fitness and experience levels, and uses an individually tailored approach to develop students to their full potential. Brian’s classes have a strong emphasis on full contact sparring and fun, because that’s why we do this thing that we do. Contact Brian at:


Patrick McCaffery - New York City, NY

    Patrick is the instructor for L’Arte NYC, the New York City branch of L.A.D. Historical Fencing. He has been training for over 4 years with L’Arte Della Bellica. Along with Brian, he has been interpreting the words and pictures of Fiore’s works into martial action. He uses modern and traditional approaches to teach basics and conditioning for the physically strenuous arts of close combat. And regularly holds extended 12 hour classes to teach the entirety of Fiore’s Dagger Material. Contact Patrick at: L'