what gear do i need to get started?


Beginner classes

  • Students do not need to bring their own gear, we have loaner gear available for beginners to get started. We recommend gym appropriate clothing and a bottle of water for beginner classes.

Regular classes

  • Students in regular class need to bring their own hard elbows, knees, groin protection, and a gorget (throat protector).

  • Students are encouraged to buy their own steel feders (training sword), HEMA masks, heavy HEMA gloves, and forearm protectors, but we also have some to borrow.

  • Tournaments will additionally require a fencing jacket that meets or exceeds 350n puncture resistance and hard shin guards, but they are not required for classes.

Contact us with any questions you may have about classes or equipment.  brian.artedellabellica@gmail.com

Recommended H.E.M.A. Vendors